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The bathroom will never look plain if you decorate it with palm tree shower curtain. This style reminds you with the beach bathroom design. The shower curtain is very important in the bathroom. It is functional to separate the wet room with a dry room. The water will never splash on the dry area if you install a shower curtain. However, this curtain should support the overall decor. If you want to decorate the bathroom, the beach theme or the tropical theme is the perfect option. It enables you to enjoy the serene and tranquil mood inside the bathroom.

Decorative Palm Tree Shower Curtain 1

Decorative Palm Tree Shower Curtain

You can color the wall in blue color. The floor looks nice in white. The furniture can be in cream or brown color. To add the third color in the beach bathroom, you can install the palm tree shower curtain. It is the quickest way to change the bathroom style and mood. Palm tree shower curtain comes in various options. You can pick the curtain in various dominant colors such as white, blue, brown or even cream. The palm tree pattern can come in a contrasting color.

If you want to bring a serene setting, you can choose the palm tree curtain in blue color with the palm tree pattern in green color. The size of the curtain is also important to decide. If the bathroom is very long, you can pick the longer palm tree shower curtain. Check out the various sizes of the curtain to make sure that it looks perfect in the bathroom. The next thing to check out is the curtain rod. You can bring a silver, chrome, or even gold finish for the rod. Since you carry the casual beach theme style in the bathroom, the curtain rod looks nice in a modern finish. You can suit the palm tree shower curtain with silver or nickel rod.

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Double Swag Shower Curtain for Beautiful Decoration

Double Swag Shower Curtain for Beautiful Decoration

Double swag shower curtain brings beautiful decoration in the bathroom. Replace the old curtain and choose the double swag design if you want to carry fresh effect. It will be boring if you always hang a similar curtain for years. A white curtain is a simplest and easiest curtain ever. It is also cheap. But it can create a boring effect if you never pick a cute curtain to hang on the shower. Replace the white curtain and choose a different one in images and patterns.

The shower curtain also serves a functional purpose. It can give you privacy when you want to take a bath. It can save the dry area from the spill of water. However, the beautiful aspect in the bathroom should not be neglected too. If you are interested to purchase the double swag shower curtain, you have to check the models, designs, colors, and styles in various websites. Ensure that it can blend with the decoration in the bathroom. It will look bad if you have a modern bathroom design decorated with a traditional styled double swag shower curtain.

If you have a modern or contemporary bathroom, you can have to select the simple and flowing double swag shower curtain. It can be in an abstract or geometric pattern to avoid the selection of plain white curtain. This beautiful decoration is not as expensive as long as you do not choose the designer shower curtain. The swag curtain is offered in various materials. You can choose cotton, bamboo, polyester, and vinyl. If you want to have a durable curtain, ensure that you pay attention to the material. The color of the swag curtain also determines the style of the bathroom. If you have a modern bathroom, the combination of black and white is great to see. It can be in a checkerboard pattern. If you want to enjoy relaxing double swag shower curtain, you can pick the dominant blue color.

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Fish Shower Curtain for Kid’s Bathroom 1

Fish Shower Curtain for Kid’s Bathroom

The kid’s bathroom will be playful to see if you introduce fish shower curtain. The way you decorate the bathroom for kids and adults is totally different. You should never make the bathroom for kids look plain. Make it look amazing with cute decoration. You can introduce a nice theme here. If the bathroom is shared between girls and boys, you can pick the gender-neutral theme. You can make the bathroom for kids relaxing and playful at the same time by using a nautical style. It reminds you the with the beach scene.

You can have the wall in the bathroom painted in white, seafoam green or marine blue. If you like to enjoy a playful style, you can have one focal wall decorated in the striped blue and white pattern. The other walls can be in white to avoid the busy effect. Then check out the style of the fish shower curtain. It will look so boring if you only hang a shower curtain in white or blue. Introduce a pattern or image on the curtain to make it alive. You can shop for a fish shower curtain. It will complement the nautical theme in the bathroom.

There are many scenes that you can find in the fish shower curtain. You have the curtain based in blue and decorated with smaller fish pattern all over the curtain. Or you can the shower curtain which can depict the life of fish underwater. It is okay to have the shower curtain with fish images in colorful style. Do you still remember one of the famous fish characters, Nemo? You can have the fish curtain inspired from Nemo to make the kid’s bathroom more interesting. The curtain is based on blue or white. Then it is decorated with orange and black covered Nemo fish. Don’t forget to complement the fish shower curtain with a fish-shaped curtain rod.

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Fun Decorating with Custom Shower Curtain 2

Fun Decorating with Custom Shower Curtain

The custom shower curtain is a good item to increase the personality of the bathroom. Redecorating the bathroom does not have to use expensive items. You can pick a simple one. It is very easy for us to infuse the bathroom with a new shower curtain. You just have to replace the old fashioned shower curtain and install a new one. Pick the modern design which enables you to install the curtain without any hooks. Imagine if you still use the traditional shower curtain with hooks. It can make you end up in difficulties if you lost some hooks.

When you buy the custom shower curtain, tell the shopkeeper about your preference. You can pick the shower curtain in various materials, designs, colors, and features. It can be made in ruffled style if you want to make the bathroom more interesting to view. It looks nice for the traditional bathroom. Since you choose the custom made one, you can order the design of shower curtain that you like. The patterns and materials of the shower curtain depend on the personal taste of the buyers. You can pick the company or manufacturer of custom shower curtain which deals with customization.

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The price of the custom shower curtain is more expensive if you compare it with the conventional or standard shower curtain in the stores. You can choose the material and pattern as you wish. Sometimes, the customers select the custom curtain in rare design to make the bathroom unique and nice. Before you order the shower curtain in the store, you have to decide the design. You can show the picture or design so that the company can create the custom curtain. Don’t forget to tell them the length and width of the custom shower curtain to make sure that it fits the bathroom.

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